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Reasoning Ability MCQ For IBPS PO,Clerk and all Banking Exams. Reasoning Ability Objective question with answare and explanation for all bank exams Like IBPS PO , IBPS CLERK ,SBI PO/Clerk, RRB PO/Clerk etc

Directions (Q.1-5) : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

A, B, C, D, E, F and G are employees of different company. Each of them works on different floors
numbered from I to VII, but not necessarily in the same order. Each of them wears a shirt of a different colour, viz Blue, Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, Red and Pink but not necessarily in the same order.

  • B works on floor IV but he does not wear either Purple
    or Sky Blue shirt.
  • C wears Blue shirt but he does not
    work on floor II or VI.
  • E works on floor V and he wears
    a Red shirt.
  • The one who wears a Green shirt works on
    floor VII.
  • D works on floor I.
  • G wears a pink shirt. A
    does not work on VII.
  • The one who wears sky Blue
    shirts works on floor II.

Q1. G works on which of the following Floors?
1) II            2) III                       3) VI
4) VII         5) None of these

Q2. A wears a shirt of which of the following colours?
1) Sky Blue            2) Blue            3) Purple
4) Yellow                5) None of these

Q3. Which of the following combinations is/are true?
1) F – Yellow – VII                     2) D – Purple – I
3) A – Green – I                       4) Both 1) and 3)
5 ) None of these

Q4. Who among the following wears a shirt of Green colour?
1) A              2) F                         3) D
4) Can’t be determined              5) None of these

Q5. Who among the following works on floor II?
1) F                      2) C               3) A
4) G                     5 ) None of these



Q1. Ans— (3)

Q2. Ans— (1)

Q3. Ans— (2)

Q4. Ans— (2)

Q5. Ans— (3)

Details Exaplanations:-

First of all take Three Column For Person, Colour, Floor.

Floor Person Colour
 VII  F  Green
 VI  G  Pink
 V  E  Red
 IV  B  Yellow
 III  C  Blue
 II  A  Sky Blue
 I  D  Purple